Simuló ser una ‘diva’ de Instagram y quedó en bancarrota

Su nombre es Lissete Calveiro, es originaria de Brasil y tiene 26 años, en el año 2013 se mudó de Miami a Nueva York, en donde empezó a presumir una vida de lujos, que no podía costearse, pues vivía de sus ahorros y tuvo que dedicarse a trabajar medio tiempo como vendedora.

En entrevista para The New York Post, comentó que consiguió un trabajo como publicista, pero tampoco le alcanzaba, se hizo de deudas con tarjetas de crédito y pidiendo préstamos que acumularon los 10,000 dólares.

I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY: For a handful of months, I’ve felt very uninspired to curate my feed and felt that many things I’ve been putting out are bland, inauthentic and have little meaning. I started to try to create more meaning for myself by expanded in what I say per post and committing to at least 1 blog post a month. But the reality is, that’s a bandaid solution. I have been so wrapped up in this “influencer” space from both the front and back end that I started to camouflage into a sea of sameness. “Take a picture of me here because I’m wearing a cool outfit, and this wall is pretty.” I used to post photos of people, things and experiences I cared about and moved to more “me in this pose” photos when I started getting more “likes” on those. This platform isn’t about LIKES, it’s about CONNECTIONS. It’s about sharing nuggets of your life because you want to inspire others to discover, because you want to indulge in things others have helped you discover, and giving people the space to be creative with content (whether it’s a selfie or damn avocado toast). I feel like I’ve hit a turning point and I promise to be more authentic and truly hone in on the real value I can bring to all of you and stop posting content just for the sake of posting content. It doesn’t mean I won’t stop posting photos of myself — I have so much fun playing around with personal style and the beautiful city I live in — but you can rest assured that I’m posting something because that moment was truly special to me, and it ~may~ bring value to you. Be yourself, love yourself and never stop growing. ——————————————————————————— Always happy to continue this dialogue via DM and keep this community growing. Lots of love to everyone that always shows the upmost support. ✨And, a shout out to @songofstyle because this perspective shift came after watching your interview with @evachen212. Keep keeping on, power girls!

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Todo esto para poder ser una celebridad en Instagram, gastaba 200 dólares mensuales en ropa, pues no le gustaba repetir vestuarios, se compraba artículos como una bolsa Louis Vuitton de 1,000 dólares, realizaba viajes a diferentes partes, para poder presumirlo en sus redes sociales.

(not) #NYFW

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A fines del 2016 recapacitó, se mudó a vivir con una amiga y cambió su estilo de vida y gracias a ello pudo pagar lo que debía.

“Tuve muchas oportunidades para ahorrar. Pude haber invertido ese dinero en algo“

home 📍

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Honestly, just leave me here.

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Winter, who? ☀️

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Serving wedding lewks. ✨

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